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Five reasons why a recession is a good time to get that business idea off the ground

Thinking about starting a new business, but worried about the more challenging economic conditions we’re all working in? As regular ‘thinkers outside the box’ we wanted to share five reasons why we think a recession is actually a good time to get your business idea off the ground:

1. You’re competing in a less crowded marketplace

Following your business dream during a recession is courageous. Not everyone is willing to take the risk, despite the potential rewards. That ability to think differently is what will get you in front of the right people when others have stopped trying. Why not ask us about some fresh ideas to help you reach your potential clients? Click here to get in touch.

2. Fewer people advertise and promote themselves

It has been proven over and over again that companies that market themselves during a recession are more likely to succeed than those that don’t. But many new start ups (and established businesses too) tend to ignore the power of effective marketing in more challenging times. The secret when you’re starting up, is to promote yourself consistently and imaginatively, with a clear view of your target customers. We know lots of ways to do this, whether it’s powerful websites, stand-out letterheads or brilliant business cards.

3. Your business is more challenge-proof

Starting up in a recession is likely to make your business more bullet-proof to the whims of the market right from day one. This is because you’ll shape every aspect of your new enterprise even more carefully and consistently. Thinking more strategically in tougher times applies to every area of your business – from finances to marketing to time management. We can help you achieve more by offering strategic support with your marketing. Click here to contact us now.

4. You make better use of resources

Starting your brand new business in a recession means that you may potentially have fewer resources, such as money, time (if you need to keep on working as you start up) and practical resources. But fewer resources means more creative thinking. It really is possible to get great results without spending a fortune – simply by thinking innovatively. Click here to see what we can help you achieve.

5. You’re more motivated to stay focused and positive

More challenging business conditions require a more focused approach. This is essential to developing a successful business. In a recession you can reap the rewards of focusing more closely on your goals and strategy – and by working harder to win the attention and loyalty of new clients. We can help keep your potential customers focused on you instead of your competitors. Click here to see how.

Starting up and looking for ideas?

We have lots of experience of working with new businesses, whether it’s creating a new website, leaflet or letterhead or providing a fresh perspective on a specific marketing challenge. Click here to find out more now.

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