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Nottingham Printing.com: How we helped a driving school to accelerate

Did this catch your eye? It was a campaign we were asked to create for a local driving school. They needed an idea for a postcard campaign to help draw in new business.


The eye catching idea: Anyone who has watched the hit TV show The Inbetweeners will get the reference we’re making here. But we didn’t do it to just be cool. Far from it. We carefully created this campaign to hit a nerve with the people who watch The Inbetweeners – the same people who would be in the market for driving lessons.


Time to get out of the box: Instead of making the offer of 3 lessons for £30 the focus, we decided to go for the overall message you see here which speaks directly to the target audience and which links directly to the service being offered.


Making it relevant: As you can see, the campaign makes the message relevant to the audience and the service in a memorable and humorous way. Our approach is about coming up with clever, commercially focused ideas that are relevant to your business. If you’re looking for a way to sell your business, we can look at ways of making your marketing truly relevant.


The whole package: Coming up with a strong, relevant idea is one thing. Turning it into powerful, engaging marketing content is quite another. We carefully developed design and copy to match the overall idea and to focus on selling the benefits of the driving school. As you can see, it all fits together perfectly to keep this marketing content fresh, unique and commercially focused.


Arm and leg not required: Despite the many elements involved with creating the campaign, it didn’t cost the client an arm and a leg in design fees and the print run was part of a special offer – 5000 A6 flyers for just £99!


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