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Is it time to give your business brand a cranberry and wheatgrass smoothie?

New Year, new you? It’s great to boost your well-being for the New Year, with whatever mix of healthy food and exercise feels right for you.  But here at Printing.com, our specialist subject is getting your business branding marketing in shape! Here are some ideas for your business in 2012:

  1. Detox your sales message

Confusing, unclear, out of date…Is your sales message toxic to your business? Does your website or printed marketing material conflict with what you have to offer? If so, we prescribe a sales message detox for the start of 2012! With business likely to be challenging over the next year, there’s never been a better time to give your sales approach the equivalent of a cranberry and wheatgrass smoothie. But this is one detox regime that doesn’t leave a funny taste in your mouth. Phone us or drop in for a chat about purifying your sales message. We’ll explain how we can get your marketing messaging up to date and brimming with health in 2012.

  1. Give your business brand a facelift

Is your business brand looking good – or out of date? Is it showing your company at its best or is it simply stuck in the past? Your business brand can make the difference between being seen and being remembered. If you take care of your brand, it’s much more likely to take care of you! But this is the best kind of ‘natural facelift’ – we apply our natural gift (and many years of experience) for updating brands to your business. So there are absolutely no scalpels involved, just a razor-sharp focus on getting your business marketing looking its most memorable and commercially effective.

  1. Clear out the clutter from your marketing

Have you started 2012 with cluttered marketing? Is your marketing as packed full of confusing and conflicting information as a neglected wardrobe is full of clothes that last saw the light in ‘83? It could be the sales brochure that just doesn’t feel right for your business any more or the marketing approach that you keep on using, even though it stopped attracting new prospects some time ago. Clear out the clutter and the cobwebs and start afresh for 2012! Take a look at some examples of how we work with businesses here.

For tips and updates on the most effective and powerful way to get your business noticed by the right people, keep in touch with our blog and join us on Facebook and Twitter now!

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