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Nottingham Printing.com: How we helped Alea Casino bet on more business


Looking for a fresh way to attract customers?

The team at the Alea Casino were. That’s why they asked us to come up with an idea for a flyer that they could distribute to local hotels to be given to guests, promoting the casino.

What’s the problem?

We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers when it comes to the marketing, branding and design questions that businesses have. That’s why we love it when a client comes to us and asks us to create an innovative idea for a specific business problem.  The ‘problem’ that Alea Casino had was: how do we create something that combines the world of the hotel and of the casino and which will work quickly, but effectively in getting our message across?

We found the right answer

Judging by the response from our client and their customers, we found exactly the right answer. That was to come up with this eye-catching flyer with a business card-sized detachable voucher which hotel guests can keep and redeem at the casino. The Alea Casino team has been delighted with the response and the campaign has helped to raise their profile – and the number of new visitors they are seeing!

Marketing that’s actually about your market

The way we like to do things is to actively focus on the fact that marketing is about getting direct to your market. So, it’s not only about something looking great, but about making sure it works as a commercial idea and is relevant to your market and your business.

Looking for a novel idea?

If you’re looking for a novel idea to help promote your business, come and have a cup of coffee with us. We’d like to bet we can come up with a winning idea that won’t break the bank (even if it is in Monte Carlo). Call or email us now to book a free one hour consultation and find out how our creative team can help you.

For tips and updates on the most effective and powerful way to get your business noticed by the right people, keep in touch with our blog and join us on Facebook and Twitter now!

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