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Nottingham Printing.com: Meet our new logo!

Meet the new Printing.com logo!

 It’s bolder, stronger and better than ever. No, we’re not just referring to our expert design and print team, but to our upgraded company logo! We’re delighted with our new look for the cornerstone of our brand. It’s sleeker, bolder and more up to date than ever, giving a clearer message about our printing and design services. You don’t need to take a second look to see that our freshly revamped logo shouts more powerfully about the creative design and print we offer to businesses in Nottingham.

 Is your logo talking over you?

 Our updated logo reflects what we’re all about. How about your logo? Does it make a statement about where your business was five years ago? Is it a stop gap that has turned into a permanent weak spot for your business branding? Is it memorable, but for all the wrong reasons? It could be that you’re saying one thing (“We are professional and experts in our field”) while your business logo is saying quite another (“This company doesn’t take itself seriously”). Isn’t it time you found out whether your logo is talking over you?

Visit us to talk logos (or any other design and print challenge)

We know that time is very limited for business-owners. That’s why we give an hour of ours free to talk to you one to one about logos, design for your next leaflet, personalised printing, or anything else that is bothering you (we’re open minded)! So if you’ve been wondering whether your logo is doing your company justice, here’s the ideal opportunity to find out.

We’ll take some time to discuss your current logo and how well it fits with your company. Then you can decide whether your logo is fit for purpose or not.  So no pressure and no obligation…just impartial input from people who are obsessed with commercially effective print and design.   Get in touch to book a free healthcheck for your logo now!

For tips and updates on the most effective and powerful way to get your business noticed for the all right reasons, keep in touch with our blog and join us on Facebook and Twitter now!

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