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5 ways to spot it’s time for a business rebrand

As proud experts in print for business, we’ve helped many companies reap the rewards of creative design and print. So we understand what happens when businesses overlook their branding.

You know it’s time to rebrand your business when…

  1. …Your prospects don’t understand you

How well do your prospects and clients really understand what you have to offer them? Could it be that your overall marketing toolkit is confusing instead of enlightening them? If you ever get the feeling that your target audience just isn’t getting what your business is all about, then it’s probably time to consider a rebrand, applying strategic printing and design for your business.

  1. …You’re playing hide and seek with your brand

Here’s how to play branding hide and seek: pretend you’ve run out of brochures when you attend business fairs, direct people to your website with the proviso that “It’s a bit out of date…” or even stop taking your business cards out with you when you’re due to meet potential clients. Do any of these sound familiar? Then you’re playing brand hide and seek due to a distinct lack of confidence in your own company brand. You don’t need us to tell you that this is a sure sign it’s time to look at a business rebrand…

  1. …You keep getting brochure/website/marketing envy

If seeing your competitor’s website or brochure or other marketing material summons the green eyed monster, then it’s a sure sign you need to look at a rebrand for your own business. Plus, get the rebrand done with the right printing and design approach and you can look forward to your competitors paying back the green-eyed favour!

  1. …You’re still waiting for that call

Are you staring at the phone or checking emails, wondering why your marketing just isn’t leading to enquiries? Then it’s definitely time to look at how a company rebrand could help you. Done strategically using creative design and print, rebranding your website or company leaflets can actively boost the bottom line.

  1. Your business superpower is invisibility

No-one likes to feel invisible – and no business can afford to be overlooked. Yet many companies still persist in making themselves invisible with branding that means they fade into the background – or even worse, that makes them look the same as all their competitors. If you feel like your business superpower is invisibility then it’s definitely time to see how a strategic rebrand using creative digital printing and design could bring you back to centre stage!

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  1. July 26, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Reblogged this on lasersharpsigndesign and commented:
    A business brand or logo is the initial key in appearance and customer recognition. Its not only the name of a company that gets customers attention but the type of lettering and logo that they put together with that name.

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