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The hidden value of a well designed business brochure

Consider the business brochure. Now you might be thinking, as many people do, that business leaflets are something of a dodo. After all, we’re all online and on social media these days, so what do we actually need the humble business brochure for? As experts in print for business, we’ve seen many companies reap the rewards of a well designed business brochure. Here are just a few of the important things that a well designed leaflet can do for you:

Get you eyeballed

We hate to state the obvious, but business leaflets really are there to get you noticed. So making do with a basic brochure without a creative design and print eye on it could lose you prospects before you even realise. By opting for a more carefully designed brochure, you’re preparing your all-important marketing collateral for maximum impact. And that’s what really counts these days.

Create a chemical reaction

A well designed brochure is not simply about looking great (though of course, as experienced Nottingham printers, we know how important this is too). It is about the magic formula of winning attention and harnessing it in exactly the right direction. Or to put it in a simpler way – design a brochure well and you’ll be more likely to get the reaction you want, whether that is for the reader to call you, visit your website or remember you above and beyond your competitors.

Show you’re no cowboy

Now you know you’re no cowboy. But do your prospects? The hidden value of well designed business leaflets is that they show the world that you’re a professional. They do this on two important levels: first on the obvious level by demonstrating that your business is professional and credible. Secondly, in a more subliminal Derren Brown-type way by encouraging your prospects that you are someone they can trust.

Go for gold

Maybe it’s the post-Olympics buzz, but we feel beholden to point out that everything you use to market your business should be gold standard. Creating an effective business leaflet is not simply about applying any old print and design approach. Or about putting out a load of business leaflets and hoping for the best. It means applying the best creative printing and design approach to create a brochure that does a champion job of getting you noticed (see what we did there?).

For more tips on getting your business noticed with web and print for business, keep in touch with our blog or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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