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Brochure marketing vs. digital marketing – who’s the winner?

Twitter, SEO, Facebook…digital marketing is big right now. But in rush to embrace digital, are companies overlooking the benefits of brochure marketing?


Less of the old fashioned


It’s all too easy to focus on what’s new instead of looking at what people respond to. Brochure marketing continues to offer huge advantages. The view that brochures are old fashioned is mistaken. A well designed and powerfully written brochure has the power to grab customer attention from the off.


More people, more quickly


Digital marketing is valuable, but it takes time to develop your online contacts and convert them into customers. Not so with brochure marketing. Instead of having to work hard behind the scenes to build up a fanbase, you can get your message in front of thousands of people in a matter of days.


In your prospect’s hands


As experienced Nottingham brochure printers, we know that the brochure is still very much an active part of effective business marketing. Here’s a scenario: you meet that perfect business prospect at an exhibition. How do you show that you’re the ideal supplier for their company? By connecting with them on Twitter – or by handing them an attention grabbing brochure there and then? Great brochure marketing allows you to put your sales message straight into your prospects’ hands.


Look at this!


Marketing may have changed, but human beings haven’t. We all respond to visual stimuli. Because we all love to look at stuff, a great looking brochure has the potential to highlight your brand instantly. The digital marketing message takes a while to be digested while brochure marketing can give your prospect an immediate hunger for what you’ve got to offer!


The best of business brochures


Applying the power of a great brochure is not just a case of throwing words and designs together. It’s about developing a powerful message that is carefully crafted for your audience. Here at printing.com, we’ve invested over £15m in state-of-the-art technology at our centralised production hub. What this means for you is fast, efficient and high-quality printing – whatever the job. We’re so confident about our ability to deliver fast brochure marketing that we have guaranteed turnaround times. If we don’t deliver on time, the job’s on us!  As specialists in brochure design in Nottingham, we’re practiced at creating targeted brochure marketing with the focus on selling your services or products.


Print can be planet-friendly


We all want to look out for the planet. You might be surprised to hear that it is possible to be environmentally friendly – and benefit from all the good things brochure marketing can bring to your business. As expert Nottingham brochure printers, we make sure that your business benefits from our high quality and environmentally friendly full colour litho print at affordable prices.


It’s a balance, not a battle


Digital marketing vs. brochure marketing? It’s time to put the boxing gloves to one side. With a good marketing mix, this isn’t really a battle. It’s a balance. The secret is not to overlook one marketing approach in favour of another. When you’re thinking about great brochure design in Nottingham or anywhere else, the best approach is a combined one.

Use a brilliantly designed and written brochure to grab attention and support it with digital marketing to grow your audience of potential leads.


Get this right and you’ll be the winner in the battle for new business.

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