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Our top 5 business flyer do’s and don’ts


Business flyers. They’re a fast, affordable and easy way to promote your business. Sadly, many businesses keep on committing the same mistakes with their flyers. As specialists in flyer printing Nottingham, we share five of our top flyer do’s and don’ts here:

  1. Don’t: Make your business name the core message

Do: Make your core benefit the key message

This is true even if your business name describes exactly what you do. As experts in flyer printing Nottingham  we’ve seen the advantages of using your flyer headline to give a key benefit that is of interest to your potential customer. So it’s not just: Jane’s Dog Walking Services. It’s: Save time on walking pooch! Whether your key message is funny, formal or unusual, don’t just rely on your business name to sell the goods!

  1. Don’t: Cram too much in

Do: Value the white space as much as the message

Now we all know a flyer has limited space. And you have a lot to say. Flyers nottingham are under pressure. But resist the temptation to pack too much into one little flyer. Take the time to think about your core message and develop the most concentrated and eye catching way to say it. People want the essentials – not Encyclopædia Britannica.

3.         Don’t: Be the only one to look at it 

Do: Get a second pair of eyes

Just take a look at the classic errors here: http://www.ausrc.com/forum/showthread.php?31155-Some-funny-printing-mistakes. Now we’re not suggesting that you’re likely to make that kind of error with your flyers, but it’s a good reminder of the value of getting a second pair of eyes. Whether it’s your business partner or a friend, another person can prevent your flyer from being a source of amusement instead of business.

  1. Don’t: List facts instead of motivation

Do: Tell people how you answer their problem

This is a key point for flyer printing. When you list your services, you are only stating the facts. But when you list the ways you help people, you are adding value for your potential customers. This is what turns an everyday flyer into your sales vehicle.
5.         Don’t: Fail to inspire action

Do: Make it urgent and motivational

As experts in flyer design in nottingham, we know that it’s not enough to get your message and your contact details out there. You need to give people a reason to get in touch with you – ASAP! Don’t just give them your phone number and leave it at that. Motivate them to pick up the phone, whether that’s with a 10% discount only available for a short period, a special offer when they quote the flyer or limited availability. Urgency adds appeal!


For more tips on the do’s and don’ts of the business flyer and much more, keep in touch with our blog and join us on Facebook and Twitter now!


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