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What not to overlook in your business leaflets

Let’s start with the obvious…

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That’s right, weeding out the typos. Because if a council can make this error, than anyone can. We’ve been doing leaflets in Nottingham for long enough to see many, many companies make this mistake. Check for typos and check again…then get a fresh pair of eyes to look over your draft leaflet. Here’s just a snippet of a leaflet by Kirklees Council in Yorkshire which included 50 spelling mistakes.  Also, Take a peek at this rather embarrassing error in the programme brochure produced by the University of Texas… http://www.gingersoftware.com/blog/the-tuesday-talk-university-of-texas-should-have-used-ginger-software/

Sticking to the facts

Again, it may seem blindingly obvious, but it’s always worth checking whether you have all your facts right. You don’t want to be like this US group which managed to get so many things so wrong in its brochure.  It’s easy to stop seeing the wood for the trees when it’s your business. For more successful leaflet printing, ask someone else in your company or a friend to check those facts!

Avoid pizza leaflet syndrome


We’ve all had those pizza leaflets through the door (sometimes three in a night). They don’t make us hungry, just confused. That’s thanks to pizza leaflet syndrome – information overload. For more successful leaflets, don’t use too much content. It only hides your marketing message.

Once upon a time…


There’s a time and a place for a long story – the full start, middle and end. It’s like meeting someone at a business event for the first time and hearing their entire autobiography.  As experts in leaflet printing, we know that that is not a great approach for your leaflet. Look at the story of your business and only share what’s important to your readers.

Change the volume


Being very experienced in leaflet printing in Nottingham, we’ve been surprised by how often this issue comes up. We see plenty of business-owners get the volume wrong..they either produce too few leaflets or too many. This seems very strange to us, considering just how versatile leaflet printing  is now. So, before you print too many leaflets for a one-off event or too few leaflets for your long-term marketing strategy, talk to someone who knows about leaflets! You’ll get much more out of your marketing that way.

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