Brochure marketing vs. digital marketing – who’s the winner?

October 8, 2012 1 comment

Twitter, SEO, Facebook…digital marketing is big right now. But in rush to embrace digital, are companies overlooking the benefits of brochure marketing?


Less of the old fashioned


It’s all too easy to focus on what’s new instead of looking at what people respond to. Brochure marketing continues to offer huge advantages. The view that brochures are old fashioned is mistaken. A well designed and powerfully written brochure has the power to grab customer attention from the off.


More people, more quickly


Digital marketing is valuable, but it takes time to develop your online contacts and convert them into customers. Not so with brochure marketing. Instead of having to work hard behind the scenes to build up a fanbase, you can get your message in front of thousands of people in a matter of days.


In your prospect’s hands


As experienced Nottingham brochure printers, we know that the brochure is still very much an active part of effective business marketing. Here’s a scenario: you meet that perfect business prospect at an exhibition. How do you show that you’re the ideal supplier for their company? By connecting with them on Twitter – or by handing them an attention grabbing brochure there and then? Great brochure marketing allows you to put your sales message straight into your prospects’ hands.


Look at this!


Marketing may have changed, but human beings haven’t. We all respond to visual stimuli. Because we all love to look at stuff, a great looking brochure has the potential to highlight your brand instantly. The digital marketing message takes a while to be digested while brochure marketing can give your prospect an immediate hunger for what you’ve got to offer!


The best of business brochures


Applying the power of a great brochure is not just a case of throwing words and designs together. It’s about developing a powerful message that is carefully crafted for your audience. Here at, we’ve invested over £15m in state-of-the-art technology at our centralised production hub. What this means for you is fast, efficient and high-quality printing – whatever the job. We’re so confident about our ability to deliver fast brochure marketing that we have guaranteed turnaround times. If we don’t deliver on time, the job’s on us!  As specialists in brochure design in Nottingham, we’re practiced at creating targeted brochure marketing with the focus on selling your services or products.


Print can be planet-friendly


We all want to look out for the planet. You might be surprised to hear that it is possible to be environmentally friendly – and benefit from all the good things brochure marketing can bring to your business. As expert Nottingham brochure printers, we make sure that your business benefits from our high quality and environmentally friendly full colour litho print at affordable prices.


It’s a balance, not a battle


Digital marketing vs. brochure marketing? It’s time to put the boxing gloves to one side. With a good marketing mix, this isn’t really a battle. It’s a balance. The secret is not to overlook one marketing approach in favour of another. When you’re thinking about great brochure design in Nottingham or anywhere else, the best approach is a combined one.

Use a brilliantly designed and written brochure to grab attention and support it with digital marketing to grow your audience of potential leads.


Get this right and you’ll be the winner in the battle for new business.

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The hidden value of a well designed business brochure

Consider the business brochure. Now you might be thinking, as many people do, that business leaflets are something of a dodo. After all, we’re all online and on social media these days, so what do we actually need the humble business brochure for? As experts in print for business, we’ve seen many companies reap the rewards of a well designed business brochure. Here are just a few of the important things that a well designed leaflet can do for you:

Get you eyeballed

We hate to state the obvious, but business leaflets really are there to get you noticed. So making do with a basic brochure without a creative design and print eye on it could lose you prospects before you even realise. By opting for a more carefully designed brochure, you’re preparing your all-important marketing collateral for maximum impact. And that’s what really counts these days.

Create a chemical reaction

A well designed brochure is not simply about looking great (though of course, as experienced Nottingham printers, we know how important this is too). It is about the magic formula of winning attention and harnessing it in exactly the right direction. Or to put it in a simpler way – design a brochure well and you’ll be more likely to get the reaction you want, whether that is for the reader to call you, visit your website or remember you above and beyond your competitors.

Show you’re no cowboy

Now you know you’re no cowboy. But do your prospects? The hidden value of well designed business leaflets is that they show the world that you’re a professional. They do this on two important levels: first on the obvious level by demonstrating that your business is professional and credible. Secondly, in a more subliminal Derren Brown-type way by encouraging your prospects that you are someone they can trust.

Go for gold

Maybe it’s the post-Olympics buzz, but we feel beholden to point out that everything you use to market your business should be gold standard. Creating an effective business leaflet is not simply about applying any old print and design approach. Or about putting out a load of business leaflets and hoping for the best. It means applying the best creative printing and design approach to create a brochure that does a champion job of getting you noticed (see what we did there?).

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5 ways to spot it’s time for a business rebrand

July 26, 2012 1 comment

As proud experts in print for business, we’ve helped many companies reap the rewards of creative design and print. So we understand what happens when businesses overlook their branding.

You know it’s time to rebrand your business when…

  1. …Your prospects don’t understand you

How well do your prospects and clients really understand what you have to offer them? Could it be that your overall marketing toolkit is confusing instead of enlightening them? If you ever get the feeling that your target audience just isn’t getting what your business is all about, then it’s probably time to consider a rebrand, applying strategic printing and design for your business.

  1. …You’re playing hide and seek with your brand

Here’s how to play branding hide and seek: pretend you’ve run out of brochures when you attend business fairs, direct people to your website with the proviso that “It’s a bit out of date…” or even stop taking your business cards out with you when you’re due to meet potential clients. Do any of these sound familiar? Then you’re playing brand hide and seek due to a distinct lack of confidence in your own company brand. You don’t need us to tell you that this is a sure sign it’s time to look at a business rebrand…

  1. …You keep getting brochure/website/marketing envy

If seeing your competitor’s website or brochure or other marketing material summons the green eyed monster, then it’s a sure sign you need to look at a rebrand for your own business. Plus, get the rebrand done with the right printing and design approach and you can look forward to your competitors paying back the green-eyed favour!

  1. …You’re still waiting for that call

Are you staring at the phone or checking emails, wondering why your marketing just isn’t leading to enquiries? Then it’s definitely time to look at how a company rebrand could help you. Done strategically using creative design and print, rebranding your website or company leaflets can actively boost the bottom line.

  1. Your business superpower is invisibility

No-one likes to feel invisible – and no business can afford to be overlooked. Yet many companies still persist in making themselves invisible with branding that means they fade into the background – or even worse, that makes them look the same as all their competitors. If you feel like your business superpower is invisibility then it’s definitely time to see how a strategic rebrand using creative digital printing and design could bring you back to centre stage!

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The seven deadly sins of the marketing mailshot

Personal, powerful, immediate…the mailshot is still very much a key part of the business marketing armoury. But many companies keep on making the same mistakes. Check out our list to avoid committing the seven deadly sins of the marketing mailshot:

  1. Forgetting your existing clients

How sure are you that every one of your existing clients knows every service you provide? If you’re like most businesses, we bet the answer is NO! Winston is one of our many good friends and creative design and print clients. He recently discovered that one of his regular clients had ordered a high end home security system from another supplier. The missing link? Winston had never really communicated properly to his client that he does electrical and security installations. So he lost out on a large order – OUCH! Your mailshot is a powerful way to keep your clients informed about everything you can offer them. So you don’t end up listening to your clients saying “If only I’d known you did that….!” as your competitor banks their cheque.

  1. Missing your target

As experienced print for business experts, we know this next deadly sin is all too common. Many companies spend time and money on mailshots, without really fine tuning who they want it to inspire. Background research may not sound exciting, but it is essential. So make sure you research your target market and invest in a good quality data source. Money spent on accurate data will save on the cost of printing and design in the long run. Local business support organisations like your chamber of commerce or your local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses can recommend data service providers.

  1. Telling when you can sell

Business print isn’t that different from selling in person. You wouldn’t bombard that potential new client with too much detail in an initial sales meeting, would you? So why do it in your mailshots? Steer clear of this sin and follow the rule of using the front for selling and the back for telling. The front of your mailshot (and particularly the top two thirds) is your main selling space so don’t over-clutter it with too much information. A bold headline and a relevant image works well here. The reverse is where you need to do the telling, the detail: how many, how much, where from, etc.

  1. Ignoring their problems

One moment. That’s all you usually get to grab your reader’s attention. If they feel that what you have to offer directly solves their business pain or supports their aspirations, they may well take a closer look at your mailshot. Find that pain and match your approach to fit. If your service or product is all about lifestyle, then find an angle which mirrors your client’s ambitions.

  1. Playing it way too cool

We’ve been in printing and design for a long time. So we know just how common this sin is in business. This is the over-casual, no-time-limits approach. There’s no urgency and therefore no way of provoking a response. Ideas for fighting this sin include using lines such as: “Act now before it’s too late”, “Sale ends this bank holiday Monday”, “Until the end of April we’re upgrading all new customers to our premium service at no extra charge”. Why play it casual when you can capture more customers more quickly?

  1. Being stingy

Do your mailshots come with short arms and deep pockets? Avoid the classic mailshot sin of being mean. The reality is that for most products or services, 10% off just doesn’t cut it any more. Make the offer a generous one, do your sums to ensure your campaign isn’t going to overstretch your budget. Think of it this way: once your prospects start buying, they’ll be back for more. Consider the lifetime value to you of a new client (for most businesses it’s three years of ordering) and tailor your offer with this revenue stream in mind.

  1. Skipping the test

When it comes to print for business, we understand that the pressure is on you to create results. But if you think tests should be confined to the classroom, you’re in danger of committing the final deadly mailshot sin. If you’re doing something new or if you’re not sure about the potential response, test your campaign first! Order a small number of leaflets or flyers (250, for example) and send them out to a small section of your target market to test the response. If these are your existing clients, you can call them and get their views and suggestions. People usually enjoy being asked for their feedback!

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Nottingham Meet our new logo!

Meet the new logo!

 It’s bolder, stronger and better than ever. No, we’re not just referring to our expert design and print team, but to our upgraded company logo! We’re delighted with our new look for the cornerstone of our brand. It’s sleeker, bolder and more up to date than ever, giving a clearer message about our printing and design services. You don’t need to take a second look to see that our freshly revamped logo shouts more powerfully about the creative design and print we offer to businesses in Nottingham.

 Is your logo talking over you?

 Our updated logo reflects what we’re all about. How about your logo? Does it make a statement about where your business was five years ago? Is it a stop gap that has turned into a permanent weak spot for your business branding? Is it memorable, but for all the wrong reasons? It could be that you’re saying one thing (“We are professional and experts in our field”) while your business logo is saying quite another (“This company doesn’t take itself seriously”). Isn’t it time you found out whether your logo is talking over you?

Visit us to talk logos (or any other design and print challenge)

We know that time is very limited for business-owners. That’s why we give an hour of ours free to talk to you one to one about logos, design for your next leaflet, personalised printing, or anything else that is bothering you (we’re open minded)! So if you’ve been wondering whether your logo is doing your company justice, here’s the ideal opportunity to find out.

We’ll take some time to discuss your current logo and how well it fits with your company. Then you can decide whether your logo is fit for purpose or not.  So no pressure and no obligation…just impartial input from people who are obsessed with commercially effective print and design.   Get in touch to book a free healthcheck for your logo now!

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Nottingham How we helped Alea Casino bet on more business


Looking for a fresh way to attract customers?

The team at the Alea Casino were. That’s why they asked us to come up with an idea for a flyer that they could distribute to local hotels to be given to guests, promoting the casino.

What’s the problem?

We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers when it comes to the marketing, branding and design questions that businesses have. That’s why we love it when a client comes to us and asks us to create an innovative idea for a specific business problem.  The ‘problem’ that Alea Casino had was: how do we create something that combines the world of the hotel and of the casino and which will work quickly, but effectively in getting our message across?

We found the right answer

Judging by the response from our client and their customers, we found exactly the right answer. That was to come up with this eye-catching flyer with a business card-sized detachable voucher which hotel guests can keep and redeem at the casino. The Alea Casino team has been delighted with the response and the campaign has helped to raise their profile – and the number of new visitors they are seeing!

Marketing that’s actually about your market

The way we like to do things is to actively focus on the fact that marketing is about getting direct to your market. So, it’s not only about something looking great, but about making sure it works as a commercial idea and is relevant to your market and your business.

Looking for a novel idea?

If you’re looking for a novel idea to help promote your business, come and have a cup of coffee with us. We’d like to bet we can come up with a winning idea that won’t break the bank (even if it is in Monte Carlo). Call or email us now to book a free one hour consultation and find out how our creative team can help you.

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